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Pricing details for USA

It's about for 30 minutes class duration


3 Days / Week

45 $ / Month


4 Days / Week

55 $ / Month


5 Days / Week

65 $ / Month


6 Days / Week

75 $ / Month

Pricing details For UK

It's about for 30 minutes class duration

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers of the questions which are mostly asked from learners.

All of our Tajweed, hifz, and Noorani Qaida courses have different time duration; it merely depends on the learner’s personalized plan and the number of classes.

All the courses are backed up with certificates that are signed by the supervisors.

Yes, we offer discounts in different packages for families. Users from Pakistan and India are offered comparatively low rates.

Our lectures are live and interactive. We give recordings only of Qirat of various Qaris for practice.

Yes, all for our teachers are Ijazah certified and Huffaz. They also graduated from reputed Islamic Universities.

We use both zoom and Skype for all of our online Quran classes.

Our teachers are Egyptians and teach fluently in English too.

You can schedule upto 2 to 7 classes per week. We are available over the weekend too.

Yes of course, If due to any reason, you want to cancel your package, it will be done.

Yes, you can schedule your classes anytime 24/7. Our talented instructors are always there to conduct the classes.

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