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Learn Quran Online with Tajweed

Learn Quran Online with Tajweed:

We give you the opportunity to learn proper and beautiful recitation. We have the best courses of learning the Quran with Tajweed. Our students both adults and kids equally benefit from this course. Mostly our students are kids who start their learning with proper rules. In this way, they become expert reciters because they start with proper rules. Adult students who are new to Islam also join the course. Also, some of the Muslims who want to correct their pronunciation join the course.

If you want to become the expert reciter feel free to join this course. In this course, our experienced teachers focus on each student in a way that they enjoy the learning.  

Why Learning with Tajweed is important:

Tajweed is the best way to read the verses in a proper way. Reading the Holy Book is obligatory for all Muslim men and women. So for this purpose, we need to learn to read Quran. We provide you the platform to learn Quran with tajweed rules. Our online courses are the best forum to learn reading rules. The rules of tajweed help us to read the verses with a proper Arabic accent. The more we put our effort into learning, the more rewards we get. We get ten rewards on reading one word imagine how much we gain on reading the whole Holy Book. Therefore we must strive to study Islam and learn the Holy Book. Once you learn the reading rules you will learn to read in no time. Our students after taking some online classes will be able to read the Quran fluently in no time. The teachers put the effort into making the lesson interesting and learning at the same time.

Tajweed is important for kids and adults:

With the help of the internet, we can explore the world with our fingers. Our online learning is becoming popular nowadays.Learning Quran online is also becoming commonand people are getting benefits from it around the world. Proper and accurate recitation is important for both adults and children. In our Academy, the teachers give one-to-one lessons to the students and tell them rules of recitation. We tell them how to pronounce each word and the sounds of each alphabet. We teach all the articulation points of Arabic letters in this course. By joining this course you will be able to read with an Arabic accent. A lot of effort is put to make the student fluent in reading. All these efforts give fruit when the student becomes the expert reciter. Our students are from different countries of the world speaking different languages. So our teachers are fluent in English and Arabic giving the easy communication path.

Why choose Us:

We are the leading online academy providing quality Quran education to students worldwide. Students in the UK learn Quran online with us. We are teaching every minute detail in learning recitation rules. You will learn about how to read, where to stop, where to prolong the word where to join words. Our online sessions will make you realize your best decision of choosing us. You can avail yourself of our 5 days free trial class so that you can understand our teaching methodology. If you are not happy with our teaching style and course you are free to change your decision.