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After you complete your Noorani Qaida course, you start reciting. Noorani Qaida includes all the Tajweed rules. Join us to start the lessons to read Quran online.

Quran is the book that every Muslim needs to recite. We use the verses and Surah from Holy Book. It is a sacred book for us to recite and follow it. We all need to recite and understand what Allah says in it. For this, we need a tutor who is an expert in Tajweed rules. Many of us read without Tajweed, but it is better that we follow the rules also.

Reading in Arabic:

It is difficult for non-Arabs to read Arabic unless they know Arabic alphabets. Translations are in different languages. Some people only read the translation for their convenience or they use the Roman language. But it is preferable that we read it in Arabic. Learning Arabic alphabets is not difficult if you do it from an expert teacher.

How To Start?

Unless you do not understand the link between the letters and sounds you cannot read the word. Our Teachers give the basic lessons to kids and adults. Using of symbols and letters is the first thing to start. You start recognizing the alphabet, then diacritics, then joining the letters to form a word. Our tutors are teaching Quran reading with Tajweed rules so that the students become expert reciters. Remember you cannot be proficient over a week of online classes. Tutors give you the lessons to practice at home too. The most important is your self-motivationin completing the learning phase.

Practice To Improve Recitation:

Our classes are a learning time for our students. The tutors give the lessons to make them practice daily. No one can get an expert in a day or so, it needs a lot of hard work and practice. So our teachers can help you gain the skills to have a beautiful recitation. We believe that only reading is not necessary. All our students must have beautiful recitation skills that the listener getsa soothing effect. Our teachers work on improving the pronunciation of the words because this is the core of learning. They practice the students in online Quran reading for a better accent. They point out your mistakes and correct them and make sure you do not repeat them.

Environment of Class:

Our students are happy as our class environment is friendly. The teachers are punctual and regular. They start the class at the exact time and do not waste the time with irrelevant discussions. Our class environment is friendly rather strict and stressful. Students realize the importance of time allocation so they cooperate with the teachers and vice versa. We know the seriousness of the subject matter but keeping the stressful environment makes the lessons boring. So the teachers are lenient but at the same time serious about teaching.

Learning with Technology:

Apps cannot replace a teacher. There must be someone who can correct you in your accent or mistakes in joining words. Our teachers use the software for their audio-video lessons. They introduce them to kids so that they can study and practice at home. Using of colors and audio effects attracts the kids’ students especially and they tend to grasp the lesson quickly.


Lesson Planners:

Our teachers have the lessons plans before the class. We believe that every student has his capacity so the lessons that we make are according to their speed.


Outcomes after completing the Course:

After completing the course, our student can:


Learn to recite Ayas and Surahs fluently with Tajweed rules

To recite with confidence in front of the public

Avoid the hidden mistakes while recitation

Try our free trial class:

Before taking admission with us you can take our trial class with Tajweed. After that, you can decide upon your satisfaction.


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