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Quran Memorization Classes for Sisters

Quran memorization is a hard job to pursue with a lot of hard work and dedication. Not only brothers, and kids, but also sisters can try harder to gain rewards by doing hifz, as much as they could.
Allah doesn’t differentiate between men and women, both will be rewarded according to their deeds. It is quoted in the Quran:
For men is a share of what they have earned, and for women is a share of what they have earned… [Quran 4:32]
So, ladies out there should avail themselves of all the chances to learn the book of Allah. Our Online Quran memorization classes for sisters are a one-stop solution for all females who are in search of reliable Hifz courses.
What Are the Prerequisites Of Quran Memorization for Sisters?
If you are willing to memorize Quran you need to have the following abilities.
● Able to read the Quran easily.
● Know Basic Tajweed rules.
● Able to give proper time to revision.
● Capable of learning at least 2 Ayaat daily.
If you do not know how to read Quran fluently, then you need to learn
reading and Tajweed by enrolling in our reading classes. You will be
taught to make the Memorization journey error-free.
How Can Ladies Memorize Quran With Us?
Hifz Quran is not difficult if given a planned try. Sisters need to know the
course’s details so that they can decide whether to memorize the whole
Quran or a selected portion from our Online Quran teacher.
Whole Quran Memorization needs long-term commitment and continuous revision in the form of:
✅Daily lesson: You will learn as per your plan.
✅Sabaqi: The revision of the lesson learned a month ago.
✅Manzil: The revision of the lessons on the whole that you need to
revise within a month.
You can choose to memorize any selective portion like:
✅Juz Amma Hifz Plan
✅Juz Tabarak Hifz Plan
✅Specific Juz/Surah Hifz Plan
The Outcomes of Our Sisters Hifz classes
The following points are kept in mind that is supposed to be achieved through these classes.
✅To make sisters able to memorize the desired portion with accurat tajweed.
✅To make them confident in reciting any Ayah asked from the memorized part.
✅To be able to remember the sequence of Surahs learned.
✅To recite beautifully with proper pausing and stopping.
✅To be able to enroll in the Ijazah course after these classes.
Our Main Features For This Hifz Course
We have certain prominent features to attract students, working ladies
as well as housewives to enroll in our Quran hifz classes.
1- Our Professional teachers.
✅We have hired the best Native tutors who excel in Tajweed and are
haafiz too. They are experienced enough to teach sisters easily.
✅Our Quran tutors graduated from leading Islamic Universities like Al-Azhar.
✅They are fluent in English and are capable of teaching ladies from any part of the world.
✅They are adept at using the latest technology for teaching.
✅We also have a facility of female tutors for sisters to join Quran with
Tajweed course. They not only make you memorize the verses but also
work hard on your Tajweed.
2- Affordable Fee Plan.
Our pricing is comparatively less than others. We offer Zoom classes
without any registration fee. Our group classes come with discounts for
3- Time Flexibility.
Working ladies and students can arrange the Quran class with us at their
feasible time. Once you are free and fresh, set the class time and enjoy.
This is the best facility that is feasible for ladies who find it difficult to
attend physical classes.
4- Packages
Our packages vary. You can choose any of the following that suits your
✅1 Juz Hifz
✅3 Juz Hifz
✅6 to 8 Juz Hifz, etc.
These customized plans are very beneficial for females who are either busy with their jobs, business, or house chores. You can initiate from a very easy part and then increase learning more.
5- Tests and Competitions.
We conduct tests and let females have a healthy and positive learning environment where they will excel in the lessons memorized.
It helps keep the morale high and self-motivated for the rest of the memorization classes.
6- Quran Memorization Certificates.
We offer an E-certificate at the end of the course that is formally signed by the supervisors. This is to make you confident about your achievements.
Your percentage and credit hour will also be mentioned on the certificate.
7- One-on-one Online session.
Sisters can schedule their one-on-one classes at any time of the day.
Such single-person classes are beneficial for the hifz journey because you can easily talk to your instructor any time you need.
Also, you can focus on your lessons, weak areas, and Tajweed without interruption.
Sisters do not need to worry about their worldly commitments as Allah is always there to help achieve the memorization goals. Join our free trial to avail yourself of the features we provide to our users. Remember it is never too late to start learning Quran. So, give it a try now.