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Online Quran Teaching (Female)

Hafiz ul Quran
Hafiz ul Quran or Hafiz
is someone who intends to pursue the memorization of the Quran and
retain it. In order to memorize the whole Quran, the hafiz tries to get familiar with the Quran,
understand its sections, learn the entire Quran orally by heart, and retain its stanzas and ayaat
(the plural of ayat which refers to one verse in the Quran). Besides memorization of Quran, it is
also important for a hafiz to comprehend the Quran, know Allah Almighty’s injunctions for a
Muslim, and lead his life accordingly.
The Rewards for Hafiz-ul-Quran
In Islam, hifz ul Quran (the memorization of Quran) has been emphasized. A hafiz will be
rewarded for his efforts in memorizing the Quran both in this world and in the Hereafter. The
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is reported to have said, “the best amongst you is he who learns the
Quran”. In other narrations from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), it is reported that the hafiz
who leads his life according to Quranic injunctions will be compensated with a crown of
brightness in Jannah. He will be asked to start reciting the Quran in a slow and considerate tone
and keep climbing the levels of the paradise.

The place where a hafiz finishes the entire Quran
will be his station in paradise. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is also reported to have siad that
whoever learns the Quran and spends his life according to its teachings will be given abode in
the highest level of paradise?jannah. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is also reported to have
said that a hafiz will be given the permission to intercede with Allah on the day of Judgement on
behalf of ten members of his family who are bound to enter hell due to their actions. His relatives
will be relieved from the tormentation of hell because of Hafiz's intercession. This hadith is
narrated by Imam Tirmidhi in his famous hadith collection named ‘al-Jami’. The Prophet
Muahmmad (PBUH) is also reported to have said that the parents of a hafiz will be crowned on
the day of Judgement with a crown of splendour whose brightness will eclipse the sun. The hafiz
and his family members would be wearing special clothes on the day of Judgement which will be
recognized from a far according to a hadith.
The Holy Quran also commands the believers to read the Quran. The very first revelation of the
Quran addressed humankind in the following words, ‘Peruse! In the Name of your Lord Who has
made. He has made man from a coagulation (a piece of thick coagulated blood). Peruse! Also,
your Lord is the Most Generous. Who has educated (the composition) by the pen? He has
instructed man what he knew not" [96:1-5]. The Prophet (PBUH) said in a famous hadith
narrated by ‘Uthman (may Allah Almighty be pleased with him), "the best of you is he who
learned the Holy Quran and instructed it to other people.” In addition to the general virtues of
learning and reciting the Quran, there are specific virtues mentioned for specific parts of the
Quran in several hadiths. The Prophet (PBUH) is reported to have said, “perusing Surah Al Mulk
everyday in the evening time will save a believer from punishment in the grave”. The Prophet
(PBUH) is also reported to have said, “Surah AL Fatiha is proclaimed as Shifa/solution for each
ailment”. Similarly, according to a hadith, reciting Surah Kahf on Friday will save believers from
the trial of the Dajjal.
The Quran states that a believer who comes up with a good deed will be compensated with the
reward for ten good deeds. It is reported from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that reciting even
a single letter of the Quran is a good deed. By this standard, a hafiz gains countless good deeds
on a daily basis. As a hafiz has to recite the verses several times a day, he can earn hundreds of
thousands of good deeds each day. The good deeds of a hafiz will go beyond calculation with
these being multiplied with ten in light of the Quranic promise of ten deeds for each good deeds.
This way, a hafiz can earn myriads of good deeds throughout his life. As is the standard practice,
a hafiz spends most of his day for three to four years during the hifz. In these years, the hafiz is
completely preoccupied with hifz commitments. One just cannot imagine the amount of rewards
that he gets entitled to. Even after the hifz is completed, the hafiz can still continue gaining
rewards as he has to revise his manzil (the daily recitation target) on a daily basis. In this way,
the rewards of a hafiz will never cease to exist. He will enter a phase of life where his reward
never ends. He starts an unending chain of countless rewards because of hifz.
Some Basic Information About Quran
Quran is the book revealed by Allah Almight to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through the
Archangel Jibraeel (PBUH) in a period of twenty three years. Of these twenty three years, the
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) spent the first thirteen years in his hometown, Makkah, and the last
ten years in Madinah, a town in the North of Makkah where the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
migrated after the people of Makkah persecuted him and his followers to an unbearable extent.
The Quran consists of 6236 verses/ayats which are spread over 114 chapters/surahs. The chapters
revealed before the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s migration to Madinah are called Makki surah
while the surahs revealed after the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s migration to Madinah are
called Madani Surahs. Out of the total 114 surahs, 86 surahs are classified as Makki while 28 are
classified as Madani. The Makki surah are short and poetic in style. The verses in Makki surahs
often end in rhyming words. The verses in Makki surahs are short too. The Makki surahs
generally appear at the end in the Quran despite being revealed before. The Makki surahs do not
include many injunctions. Instead, the main topics of these surah are beliefs in the oneness of
Allah, the finality of Prophethood, the Hereafter, and heaven and hell. The Madani surahs, on the
other hand, are long. The Madani surahs are written in prose mainly. The verses in Madani
surahs are also long. he Madani surahs include injunction very frequently because the Muslim
community had become independent in Madinah and so could afford to act according to the
injunctions of Allah.
The Quran is the last sacred writing of Allah Almighty. The Quran is the never-ending wonder of
the Prophet (PBUH). The Quran cannot be distorted, fabricated, corrupted or changed in any
form or shape till the Day of Judgement. Allah Almighty has taken the responsibility of
protecting the Quran Himself. The Quran has guidance for all walks of life and all situations of
human life. It contains laws, injunctions, educational exercises, stories, anecdotes, expressions of
counsel, happy news for devotees, and admonitions to skeptics.
Tajweed/The Art of Quranic Recitation
Studying the Quran in Arabic language is very important. Arabic is the language in which the
Quran was revealed. By studying the Quran in Arabic language allows the reader to realize the
true grandeur and beauty of the Quran. Studying the Quran in Arabic also allows the reader to
learn and recite the Quranic supplications which can be very helpful in a Muslim’s daily life. In
order to study the Quran in Arabic, one needs to learn Tajweed. Tajweed is the art of reciting the
Quran in Arabic with all the necessary etiquettes.
Hifz Quran Online/Quran Memorization Online
We offer students the opportunity to learn Tajweed with convenience through online tutoring. As
the pandemic has shown, online learning is going to be the new norm. With cutting-edge
communication technology, it has become convenient to learn online. Keeping in view the needs
of the modern world, we have launched a program of teaching the Quran online. We offer
services in teaching Tajweed, Complete Hifz (memorization of the entire Quran), or partial Hifz
(memorization of selected verses and portions of Quran). Our teachers are qualified qaris
(reciters) of the Holy Quran. All of our teachers have learned Tajweed from qualified and
respected teachers. In addition, our teachers have years of experience in teaching Tajweed and
Hifz. We offer services to students of all ages including kids, adolescents, adults, and elderly. We
also offer services to students of both genders. We cater to the needs of English speaking
students by offering the learning of Tajweed in English medium.
Memorizing the entire Quran and retaining it is a special favour of Allah Almighty. Through
profound endeavour and keen interest, one can accomplish this extraordinary project. Today, the
memorization of the Quran has become exceptionally simple through online learning.
School-going students can memorize the entire Quran or portions of it with little but consistent
effort under the supervision of dedicated teachers. Our teachers provide such dedication to their
utmost abilities.
How does the Hifz Program online work?
The memorization of the Quran is organized into two simultaneous tasks which are carried out
on a daily basis. The first task is the memorization of daily lessons. The second task is the
retention of the memorized sections of the Quran.
Each student is assigned a new lesson everyday to memorize. The new lesson depends on the
time commitment and the ability of the student to memorize. It can range from a few lines to a
few pages. Each day, the student has to learn the daily lesson and the teacher has to make sure to
listen to the student’s daily lesson.
In the second step, the student has to retain the sections of the Quran that he or she has already
memorized. This is done in two steps. Both these steps are given proper time each day. The first
step is called ‘sabqi’ or ‘recently memorized sections’. This includes the sections of the Quran
memorized in the last thirty days. A student has to recite these sections in front of the teacher
every day in order to consolidate these sections in his mind and heart. The second step is called
‘manzil’ or ‘the distantly memorized sections’. In this step, the teacher divides the memorized
sections of the Quran into manzils/parts. A manzil can range from half a juz (one thirtieth of the
Quran) to two juz. A student has to recite one manzil/part each day. This ensures that a student
retains the entire memorized sections. The manzil recitation is the backbone of retention of the
memorized section. Usually, a Hafiz will not cease to recite the manzil even after the completion
of the memorization of the entire Quran.
Online Quran Classes for Kids
Almost all Muslim parents wish for their kids to learn Quran. However, finding a suitable,
qualified, dedicated, and trustworthy teacher is a hard task. The scarcity of teachers is
particularly evident in western countries. As a result, parents are usually worried about their
kids’ religious education. In order to solve this problem, we offer online Quran classes for kids.
We have qualified, dedicated, and trustworthy teachers available who have expertise in teaching
the Quran online to kids. Hence, parents need not worry anymore. They also need not to
compromise the security of their kids by sending them out of their homes. We provide services
online so that kids can learn in the comfortable environment of their homes under the
supervision/screening of their parents. In addition, the online learning of the Quran also allows
for better parent-teacher communication about the progress of the kids’ learning.
Online Quran Classes for Beginners
Individuals who have had no prior exposure to reading the Quran or the Arabic language have an
excellent opportunity to start learning the Quran from scratch. Such individuals can avail our
services and get excellent results. Through persistent efforts, such individuals will be able to
learn the Quran. Our teachers will cater to the special needs of such students by starting with the
primary marks and alphabets which will enable the students to familiarize with the basics of
Quran recitation.
Online Quran classes for Adults
Along with the beginners and kids, we also enable adults to learn the Quran. Adults who did not
get the opportunity to learn the Quran at a young age can start learning the Quran at any age. As
a Chinese proverb has it, ‘it’s never too late to learn’, we also believe that learning cannot be
restricted to a certain age. We have seen examples of several adults who learned the Quran at an
advanced age. There are several adults still enrolled in our programs and all of them are
progressing very well, Maa shaa Allah.
Best Online Quran Academy in UK
Quran Online Academy is a breathtaking foundation of Online Quran Teaching which empowers
New Muslims and Children everywhere in the world to peruse Quran with Tajweed from home.
We invite students of all ages and genders to enroll in our programs and learn the blessed book of
Allah Almighty. We teach the recitation of Quran (Nazra), the art of recitation (Tajweed),
complete hifz (memorization of entire Quran), partial hifz (memorization of specific sections of
the Quran), Nurani Qaida, Translation, and daily supplications (duas) with the six proclamations
(six kalimas). You are only a single click away from benefiting from our programs.
The teachers at our platform are fully qualified in the art of Tajweed. In addition, all the teachers
associated with us have completed their memorization of the Quran. Moreover, our teachers are
also experienced individuals who have overseen the memorization of the Quran of several
students. Furthermore, the teachers in our programs are reliable and dedicated. They are also at
ease with the use of communication technology, electronic devices, and digital means of
teaching. Hence, we can assure potential students of the utmost quality of learning and teaching
in all programs offered by our organization.