Online Quran Classes

Online Quran Classes

Learning Quran is the mandatory in Muslim families. They make their children learn the Holy Book an early age so that it becomes their habit. When children are into the routine of learning the Holy Book, it continues in their life. We should teach our children the importance of including the book of Allah in our lives. In this way, the Islamic environment will build up in the homes. This will eventually help your kids to become practicing Muslims. Our Holy Book is the source of guidance for everyone. We must take steps and motivate our kids to read and understand the lessons.

Learn Quran online for Kids:

We give you the opportunity to learn proper and beautiful recitation. We have the best courses of learning the Quran with Tajweed. Our students both adults and kids equally benefit from this course. Mostly our students are kids who start their learning with proper rules. In this way, they become expert reciters because they start with proper rules. Adult students who are new to Islam also join the course. Also, some of the Muslims who want to correct their pronunciation join the course.

Online Quran Classes for Beginners

Individuals who have had no prior exposure to reading the Quran or the Arabic language have an excellent opportunity to start learning the Quran from scratch. Such individuals can avail our services and get excellent results. Through persistent efforts, such individuals will be able to learn the Quran. Our teachers will cater to the special needs of such students by starting with the primary marks and alphabets which will enable the students to familiarize with the basics of Quran recitation.

Online Quran classes for Adults

Along with the beginners and kids, we also enable adults to learn the Quran. Adults who did not get the opportunity to learn the Quran at a young age can start learning the Quran at any age. As a Chinese proverb has it, ‘it’s never too late to learn’, we also believe that learning cannot be restricted to a certain age. We have seen examples of several adults who learned the Quran at an advanced age. There are several adults still enrolled in our programs and all of them are progressing very well, Maa shaa Allah.

We Make The Class Interesting And Entertaining:

Our teachers are professionals who know how to engage children in learning the lessons. They make the environment of the class friendly so that the children feel comfortable in learning. In our online Quran classes for kids the teachers try their best to involve them wholeheartedly in lesson. The class has a discussion session where the children can discuss their learning problems and ask queries. We make children play educational games and arrange Islamic quizzes for them. In this way, learning becomes a fun time and they learn by doing these activities. We also have the story time for children where our teachers share Islamic stories with them. We feel this is a perfect way to make kids learn the events of Islam.

Why choose Hifz Quran online:

You must be looking for the best teacher online who can teach your children. You can choose us as:


We can guarantee our high-quality Islamic education to you and your children.

Our teachers remain in contact with the parents to share their feedback on their kid’s learning.

Our classes are one to one

Student-teacher discussion is encouraging

Class environment is friendly and entertaining

Skype communication

24/7 classes

Free 5 days trial classes

Affordable fee

If you are living in any country other than Pakistan, you are welcome to join our online academy. We provide the facility of learning the Quran online for UK and USA students. Our mission is to make our students the scholars of Islam. They should know Islamic knowledge even at an early age and realize its importance. Our teachers build the love of Islam in their hearts so that they grow up following the teachings. Our children are our future, so we should make efforts to invest our time and teachings in them. In this way, we will be successful in making good Muslims for our tomorrow. Let’s work together to spread the light of the Quran.

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Our Online Quran Academy provides the best quality education to national and international students.

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