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Hifz Quran online for grown-ups & children

Our Hifz classes for kids Course intends to help the scholars( grown-ups & children) to study the whole or a part of the Holy Quran.

This course is designed to attain the Itqan position in Hifz Quran online through one- on- one Classes. The scholars( grown-ups only) can learn advanced motifs in Qiraat with objective to attain perfection of Quran memorization( Itqan).

The Importance of Memorizing the Quran In Islam

Hafiz is respected and ranked higher in deeds as well as on the day of judgment they would be shielded by the Quran. They would be asked to recite the Quran and by the last verse, they remember they would be ranked. Knowing the Quran is knowing Islam if you memorized it you will be more closer to Allah.

Quran Hifz rewards for you or your child

It is considered a tremendous honor for every Muslim. It’s a great source of joy becoming Hifz classes for kids . One is able to memorize the Quran and recite it through his memorization. Whoever hifzquranonline by heart and acts accordingly to what they have learned will be highly rewarded and praised by Allah. As this act also will make you rank more deeds for paradise. You will have limitless rewards here and hereafter.

Who can join the online Hifz Quran classes?


Everyone can join at any age. The first step would be to complete the Noorani Qaida. As well as for one to know the basic alphabet of Arabic. After that, the recitation and memorization will begin by our teachers in a manner that will polish you and make sure you follow the Tajweed Quran and live life according to Islamic values.

Largely Endured Huffaz Tutors

What makes them good to educate Quran Hifz Online?

→ Then are just a many of the stylish features they retain!

High Hifz Teaching Expertise!

• We conduct rounds of interviews, and only the stylish suitable campaigners have been named.

• All the Hifz preceptors are Ijazah certified by the world’s notorious Islamic Institute Al- Azhar University. This gives them an edge over the other online Quran teachers.

feedback about our online hifz preceptors

• These preceptors have learned the Quran at a veritably youthful age and have revised it numerous times.

• The Hifz preceptors have helped hundreds of scholars in learning the book of Allah SWT with their experience and unique ways, making the trip of memorization veritably simple and easy for them.

• The Hifz preceptors have shared and secured top positions in numerous Hifz competitions that are held now and also.

Interactive tutoring system

Our Teachers have proper tech chops along with other engaging tricks to keep the scholars hooked in the class!

Then are just a many illustrations!

trial with graphical donations.
Use a virtual whiteboard.
Try out flipped classroom system
Take live online classes more frequently.
Exercise healthy group conversations and debates.
Record defenses and vids by using different tools.

In online Hifz Quran Course and At The End Of The Month, The schoolteacher write a yearly distance Includes “ Progress, Performance, geste and Recommendation Notes for The Student As utmost scholars like to get regular feedback about their Quran Hifz progress. We shoot Monthly Quran memorization Yearly reports to Parents by emails and Whatsapp.

The Yearly report also dissect You tête-à-tête. Where do you stand? Hifz Quran Teachers help scholars to understand which part needs their attention more and in which part they warrant and need to ameliorate.