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Hifz Quran online is a leading Quran teaching online institute providing the best teachers who teach with their hearts. When you want to learn a course, you need a guide to teaching you. With the facility of online education, learning is now very easy. Online Quran tutors are highly qualified and have the experience of teaching kids and adults. We have both Male and Female Quran Teacher. 

Male Quran Teacher

Brothers can learn the Holy Quran with the best male Quran teacher and tutors online. With the help of our tutors, beginners from all over the world, from all time zones, have the opportunity to learn Quran online from highly experienced and dedicated Quran tutors. Our Male Quran teachers are well aware of Tajweed and Tarteel rules. Brothers and Sons can have instructions with English-talking, Urdu, Hindi speaking, and Arabic-talking brother instructors. Our male instructors are committed, punctual and skilled at the identical time to supply very thrilling lessons, particularly for children. Any brother desired a male instruct can easily get loose trial instructions with male teachers after which register for normal instructions with us of their available time table.

Online Quran Teacher
Online Quran Teacher

Necessary Qualification of our online Quran Teachers and Tutors

We have a the following procedures for the Quran teachers

  • He must be graduated from a recognized institute.
  • ·         Must be a Hafiz, Qari and have a knowledge of Tajweed.
  • ·         Our Quran Teacher Must have Quran Teaching skills.
  • ·         Humble, Kind, Interactive, Good-nature and friendly.

High Profile Teachers:

Our tutors are fluent in the English language and have an Arabic accent. If you want a teacher who can speak English with your kids then you are at the right place. They give one-to-one sessions with their students to enhance their learning. These one-to-one classes are not different than the face to face classes. The teacher is fully attentive with the student and they have the interacting session. Students can discuss the issues and queries with their teachers in the discussion time allocated in the class.

Find the Best Teacher for Kids:

Whether you live in Pakistan or in a Western country, you need a teacher for your kids.  Our teacher will teach how to read Arabic in a correct Arabic accent. If you are wanting such a teacher for your kids then your search is over. You can contact us for the services of teaching and Hifz. We have the best online Quran teachers who are experts in their field of spreading knowledge of Islam. 

Male and Female Teachers:

We offer the services of male and female tutors who are currently teaching students around the globe. Our sisters who prefer studying with the female Quran teacher are welcome on our site. Our female tutors are equally skillful and they teach with the dedication to make the learning easy. Our male tutors are teaching students about recitation, memorization, Islamic information courses, tajweed, and Tafseer. Our learning course starts with the Noorani Qaida which is the basic and compulsory course to take. The instructors focus on the first step so that their next step of learning becomes perfect.

Round the Clock Availability:

Our online Quran teaching is not time-bound. We have classes 24/7 round the clock. So it is ideal for those who are busy in their life but still want to learn the Quran. Life has become very busy and mechanical but taking out time for religion is mandatory for Muslims. Our male and female tutors are available all day and night. You can connect with them at any hour suitable for you. If you are among those people who are not able to go to the Islamic center then contact us. You will find all the facilities and services of Islamic education at our academy.   

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