Who We Are?

We are leading an online Quran Academy, serving hundreds of students worldwide. In 2000, founded this platform and now it is successfully running and popular among the students. We provide quality courses to the students who learn Quran online and are happy with our services. We believe in customer satisfaction, so every student is happy and enjoys their lessons. We provide a friendly environment so that students can grasp maximum. Our services are not only for Quran and memorization but we work on students’ personality building. We believe that when the light of knowledge fills the heart of a Muslim, he becomes precious. We are working to make every Muslim precious and enlighten with Quran. We are giving our services around the world. We are popular among the Muslims of Canada, Oman, Germany, Bahrain, Kuwait, Dubai, the USA, and many more.

Hifz Quran Online

Who are our Tutors?

Our teachers are qualified from Islamic universities, having the experience of online and face-to-face classes. We have expert trainers who teach the student in easy and creative ways. They are skillful in teaching kids and adults at the same time. Their teaching methodology makes you learn quickly. The teachers are fluent in English and have an Arabic accent. They can communicate with you in English or Urdu as convenient to you. We have the services of both male and female teachers for your convenience. Those Muslim sisters are do not feel comfortable studying with male teachers can now connect to our female tutors. Our female teachers are equally skillful and trained in giving lectures on teachings. They are experts in the Arabic language and have the proficiency to speak English fluently.

Courses at
Our Academy

We offer the following courses:

Online Classes for Kids and Adults.

We provide online classes for kids as well as adults. Our students are from every age group and we welcome them whole heartily. Learning is not age bound, we all learn something every day. And study about Islam is never-ending. We feel pleasure to give admission to adult students who want to refresh their faith. And they strive hard to correct their accent and learn Quran with Tajweed. Children learn lessons because their parents want them to, but adults join our course with their interests. We provide our best services to benefit all Muslims.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to spread the word of Allah to every corner of the world. With the help of our skillful instructors,we provide the services of learningthe Quran with Tajweed. Our instructors have an impressive accent so they transfer their recitation skills to their learners. Our mission is to benefit every Muslim with our serives. We believe in following Islam that’s why we offer Islamic courses. Our teachers are working hard on building the strong personality of the Muslims in the Islamic way. Because learning the principles of Islam and following them is the way to become a true Muslim. We facilitate the Muslims to learn the Quran online at home. We take our mission seriously by working hard and sincerely in teaching.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple and straight forwards. We want to spread the light of Islam in the hearts of every Muslim in the world. We foresee a world where the Muslims are the true followers of Islam. Giving the knowledge, we try to fulfill our duty towards our religion.

Why You Should Choose Us

Many academies are offering their services. You can choose us because:

We give classes round the clock
We have the professional and expert tutors
We offer 5 days free trial classes
We have a variety of courses
We have an affordable fee
We give one-to-one classes
We provide classes to adult and kids

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Our Online Quran Academy provides the best quality education to national and international students.

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